Video: Mumbai-based guitarist gives a brilliant metal makeover to Game of Thrones’s theme song

The Game of Thrones season 6 has already come to an end and people are eagerly waiting for the next season. Though we can’t really say what will happen next but we can surely treat all GOT fans with a pleasant musical treat.

A Mumbai based musician and guitarist Chandresh Kudwa has come up with a brilliant metal cover of the series’ hit theme song. Kudwa picked up his guitar and came up with this new rendition.

“I have been doing film themes for a while now. I have done a similar kind of work on Mission Impossible theme and I taught that GOT track had the potential to be turned it into a rock-metal version,” says Chandresh Kudwa.

He is popular for his guitaring abilities and has played for some hit songs like ‘Jiya Re’ by A.R. Rahman and ‘Dilli Dilli’ by Amit Trivedi.

Kudwa, who has been playing guitar for almost 20 years now, grew up listening to hard rock and metal. So the moment he heard GoT’s theme song, he knew just had to give the popular song his own touch.

The guitarist, who is a professional music composer and also has his own guitar institute, uploaded this new version of the Ramin Djawadi-composed GOT theme on YouTube, and much to his surprise the video garnered a lot of attention and went viral.

“The success of the video was unexpected. I just do these video to build up a rebuttal for my live shows. There has never been any expectation. You put out videos because you are a creative person and you have to be creative. And whether it does well or not you don’t really bother, all you can do it give your best,” says Kudwa.

Kudwa has previously released his two albums and his songs ‘Over Protective’ and ‘Once Chance to Live’ has even featured on MTV Indie and VH1.

People who have liked the cover by the talented guitarist, can look forward to The Godfather and Harry Potter metal theme covers that will soon be released on his social media account.

Click here to watch this full-blown metal cover of the Game of Thrones opening theme:


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