Give your dad a customised man cave to make him feel special

When it comes to gifting your father something special, all the sons and daughters around the world are often ready to open your wallet a little wider for this celebration. Usually gifts become a representation of a particular occasion and we often follow those cliché gifting ideas.

But this year, why not incorporate an evergreen element in your father’s gift – his lifestyle. You know what your ‘Superdad’ likes and hence give him something that represents him.

Today, we suggest you some of the perfect décor gifts that will fit to every daddy’s personality.

We spoke to CEO of, Priyanka Padode who very aptly pointed out, “By the sheds light upon the fact that we usually tend to relate home décor to mothers. Why is that? Don’t we all have innumerable growing up, home-related memories with our fathers too? So we thought let’s make Papa our ‘Home Hero’, and communicate this feeling with the perfect gestures.”

Home decor is often associated with mom. But why is that the case? Dad has taught us innumerable skills growing up and we have so many home-related memories with him!

So let’s make our beloved Papa feel special and thank him for everything he’s taught us over the years

Here are some wonderful gifting ideas to make your dad feel comfortable with his home surrounding and give it his personalised touch!

  • New daddy:

(Photo: Representative image)

With the imminent sleepless nights, a coffee maker is the way to go for you, oops…HIM!! A nice way for all the mommies-to-be to tell their hubbies that they will be up all night on diaper duty.

Alternatively, a rocking chair in baby’s room would make life even simpler, more adorable and might we add, chicer!

  • Workaholic dads:
(Photo: Representative image)
(Photo: Pinterest)

Some dads are way too engrossed in their work. Early mornings, late nights, they’re all about work.

Why not curate a few essentials for a home office to facilitate your father with some work-from-home remedy!

To help him out, think along minimalistic lines – a slender lamp, and a chair. We suggest giving a comfortable high-backed, padded chair. You can easily find these in your budget.

  • Travelling pants:

(Photo: Representative image)

All travel and no breather makes daddy a dull guy! Why not gift him something to tune down his hectic schedule?

Imagine an afternoon siesta in a perfectly comfortable and cushiony chaise lounge or a massage chair. Whichever you choose, your father is going to be relieved of stress and enthralled by your affection!

Think about the perks of having this magical chair around while daddy dearest is away!

  • Outdoorsy dad:

(Photo: Representative image)

Do you get your thrill for adventure and fun from your father? Show him your excitement for his energy, enthusiasm and wild spirit by making furniture out of tree barks with him!

To make it a success, all you need is love… and a chainsaw, screwdrivers and hammers.

If your father is little less towards the DIY, but an extreme sports fan with a hint of eccentricity, then a snazzy football lamp with a little decal attached will definitely overjoy the Hero of your home!

  • Who appreciate the finer things in life:

(Photo: Representative image)

You ought to be expecting this one! For the design and creative buff, we’ve got a wide array of home décor gifts in mind.

To begin with, a DIY wall texture or a wall art quote that defines him could look magnificent while also being thoughtful!

For relaxing you can gift him a nice comfy footstool. A nice corner table with all essential stationery is a perfect pick as well.


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