Recipe: Tabkh Jamun

“This sweet meal is filled with dry fruits, which makes it rich and more palatable. Also the nuts add crunchiness to it that you usually don’t find in the normal gulab jamun,” says Chef Shadab Ahmed Qureshi, Jyran, Sofitel, BKC.


  • 15 gms Mawa
  • 20 gms Flour
  • 20 gms Corn Flour
  • 10 gms Pista
  • 05 gms Cardamom
  • 10 gms Almond
  • 100 gms Cashew nuts
  • 300 gms Ghee
  • 300 gms Sugar


  • To make sugar syrup, add sugar to water and bring it to boil, should be one string consistency.
  • To make Gulab jamun grate mawa, corn flour and cardamom powder and form balls out of it and let it rest.
  • Stuff the mawa balls with chopped dry fruits. Fry them in ghee and then dip it in sugar syrup.
  • Serve it with chopped pista.
  • Chef tip: Trying serving it with some malai kulfi.

The recipe above is contributed by  Jyran, Sofitel, BKC. 


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