Church in Delhi installs food vending machine for poor and homeless

There are times when you go out of your way to help someone who is unprivileged and somewhere between the lines you end up making a small difference in the world.

At times your small act of kindness can encourage other people to help others in need as well.

Recently a restaurant in Kochi, installed a public refrigerator for donating food to the poor and homeless. Following their footsteps, Mar Gregorious Orthodox Church in Janakpuri, Delhi installed a food vending machine in its vicinity.

The machine is for the people who cannot afford to buy food or water. These people can take products in the fridge as per their need from this machine.

“As the climate is hot, chilled water and some seasonal water fruit is what our body craves for and there are some under privileged people who can’t afford these things. However, this little step by the church can bring some change and help those who are in real need,” says Nancy Roger, a visitor of the church.

The machine, which is named ‘Share N Care’, is stocked up with water and fruit. The aim behind this act of charity is to serve those who are in genuine need and can’t afford these basic necessities throughout summer.


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