Review: Gaylord Restaurant,Churchgate, Mumbai

Food photos always cause buzz among people and this time it was Gaylord’s new menu dishes that made me all excited. Being a person who love to explore whatever is newly launched in food space, I decide to visit Gaylord with my parents.

The invitation note read,“Gaylord’s new menu comprises perfectly presented molecular dishes which include Khumani ka Metha, Champ Tajor, Dahi Cheese Rolls….etc.”

Gaylord is Mumbai’s oldest surviving restaurant and has always been my dad’s favourite. Even though most of the restaurants keep experimenting with their menus, this successful standalone restaurant has had an unchanged menu for many years.

The new menu has few additions featuring exotic North Indian, Mughlai and Continental delicacies.

The new menu was designed by Chef Jaheer Khan and here’s what you should try when you visit Gaylord the next time:

Dahi cheese rolls:

Creamy, cheesy & yummy!! #CottageCheese #Delicious #corn #Cream #paneer #breadcrumbs #tagstagram #CreamCheese #instagram #appetizers

A photo posted by Priyadarshini Patwa (@stilettosandmartini) on Jun 18, 2016 at 1:45am PDT


Served on glass spoons, these rolls belong from the spring roll family. However, when it comes to taste, it is filled with too many flavour compared to your regular spring rolls.

The USP of this dish is that in each bite you discover a new flavour, a new texture. Stuffed with cream cheese and hung curd, there is a hint of ground pepper in the stuffing that makes you love the tangy and sour filling. The softness of the filling is compliment by the crunchiness of the breadcrumbs on the exterior.

Serve it with your mint chutney and no one can resist it.

“We thought to make something that people from all age group would love and Dahi cheese roll is just a right pick. It’s soft and crunch and people love it,” says Chef Jaheer khan.

Champs Tajdar:

(Photo: Gaylord, Mumbai)
(Photo: Gaylord, Mumbai)

These tandoor lamp chops will surely make your day. Cooked to perfection, this red meat based starter is crispy and tender. Try it out and you won’t be disappointed.

Veg kulfi kebabs:


Who ever said that ‘Good things come in small packages’ must have tasted kulfi kebabs. Served in tequila shot glasses with sweet honey-chilli sauce, these kebabs are cooked on a sugarcane stick. They are moist and soft made as per the liking of Indian palate.

“They are made up of mashed vegetables. The kebabs are healthy with mild flavours,” says Anthony Pereira, Restaurant manager, Gaylord’s Mumbai.

Kukar ki tangadi:

(Photo: Gaylord, Mumbai)
(Photo: Gaylord, Mumbai)

Directly brought to you from the tandoor, this chicken appetiser will give your taste goblet a delicious blast. Unlike the normal roast chicken leg piece, this one is full of surprises.

Marinated in curd and other ground spice, it brings the most refreshing taste of the meat. There is a hint of mint, which takes the dish to just another level. It’s juicy, tender and moist.

“Tandoor chicken is one of the most common appetiser, but one needs to bring out the best when cooking meat and perfect marination plays a major role in doing so,” says Chef Jaheer.


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