10 women disclose the secret ‘if penis size matters’

‘Does penis size really matter?’ This is one of the most popular questions asked when it comes to sex life and undoubtedly people love to talk about it.

The size of the penis has always been a topic of concern, some men feel less manly if they have a smaller penis and some are proud of having a big one. Well the real question is does the ‘size’ really matter?

It’s not necessary that a gigantic dick is what a woman really wants or craves for. For some women more than size, it is about how you use it and where you can excel in other areas. Intercourse is just one part of sex; sex encompasses so much more.

We spoke to 10 women who shared their views about if a guy’s size really matters.

  • Who say it doesn’t are fool!

“Initially I use to believe that size doesn’t matter but then I had one of the greatest sex experience and realised people who say it doesn’t are fools,” grins Vaishali Dige.

  • Big one hurts: 

“Big one looks good but in reality it’s not that pleasing. I have had sex with men with small and big penis and the big one hurts bad man,” exclaims Nivedita.

  • It’s more than size: 

“I believe that size doesn’t matter a lot, especially if the guy knows what he is doing and you are satisfied,” says Avantika.

  • Can’t comment: 

“Well, I have had sex with only 1 guy. So I am not really the person to judge penis size. But personally, foreplay is so much better than the real act of sex. After so many years of being sexually active, I can actually say..sex is not a big deal,” says Aalia (name changed).

  • More than size it’s the art: 

“Bed pleasure is only not about the penis size of your partner. It is the art of how he dramatizes the moment. It’s more about how he/she will make you crave for more and more,” shares Chandrima Nag.

  • Preference: 

“I think it’s about preference, I like guys with big dicks. I am not saying the one with small digs are not good lovers, but I just like big. However too big makes sex too worse,” recalls Paridhi.

  • Who care about the size?

“It doesn’t matter, if I like you and you know the tricks and can use your penis at it’s best, I don’t care what it’s size is,” laughs Shraddha.

  • Techniques is something: 

“Unless it is too small, it really doesn’t matter. The most important thing is how that person is doing it. I mean techniques,” blushes Shrutanwita Chakrabarty.

  • Connection: 

“Sex for me is an emotional connection, if I like you and feel connected, size is the last thing that will come into my mind,” smiles Vanshika Khana.

  • Size obsession!

“I don’t understand this size obsession, intercourse is just a part of whole thing. I think it’s the tongue that matters to me more than the size,” winks Supriya Pandit.


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