Time to get high on ‘Dolce & Gabbana’ martini this monsoon

There is something about sipping your favourite cocktail from a long-stemmed martini glass, which is why now we have many variations of the classic martini.

Elegant, stiff and classic, everyone’s most loved martini is a simple combination of gin, dry vermouth, which is fused together with crushed ice and served in a chilled glass.

Nowadays, this cocktail has got new twists, after all unconventional flavours are part of the fun.

Who would have thought that now you not only could wear Dolce & Gabbana but even get high on ‘D&G’ spirit?

“This drink recipe showcase the delicious versatility of this generation’s martini madness,” says Gaurav Magoo, F&B Director, Novotel Imagica, Khopoli at Grills and Martini evening. 

Martini has been pleasing partrons for more than 70 years now, in fact ‘Dirty Matini’ was Franklin D. Roosevelt’s favourite. However, ‘D&G Martini’ adds more character to your regular cocktail.

Strawberry, olive, gin, dry vermouth and rose water are all you need to make this drink.

“D&G Martini” tastes best when served with delicious grills. Pair it with grilled pineapple, watermelon with feta & balsamic, bell pepper skewers and smoked sweet potato & vegetable grilled patty.

(Photo: Novotel Imagica, Khopoli)
(Photo: Novotel Imagica, Khopoli)






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