Eco-friendly ways to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi

The most awaited festival of all lord Ganesha fans is just around the corner! Have you selected your Ganesh murthi, decorators, caterers, guestlist, etc. yet? Well, let’s just hope you haven’t… Because we have got you eco-friendly, yet gorgeous suggestions to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi this year!

Invite and bedazzle your guests with a fun-filled and stylish occasion. Get ready to flaunt your swanky home decorating skills with the environment friendly tips.

We spoke to Priyanka Padode, owner and founder of DezignGenie, who suggests the folllowing ideas for prepping for the happiest festival.

The Idol:

Clay Ganpati

Beginning with the most imperative one for the celebration – the statue! In trying to follow the latest practices of buying the most expensive and scintillating idols, we often overlook the aftermath of this uninformed excitement. We ignore the fact that the Plaster of Paris (PoP) Ganpati idols take several months, or sometimes even years to dissolve complete?

Let’s reduce the burden on our Mother Nature, and use clay statues painted with lead and mercury free colours! And guess what – the seasonal trend of matte finish and using warm colour palettes is only going to facilitate your win for the most stylish Ganpati decoration of the year!

Ceramic Rangoli:

ceramic floor mural

This type of rangoli gives your guests a humble yet stylish stylish welcome. So leave the conventional colour powders aside, and use ceramic Rangoli!

This will add value to your décor aesthetically, functionally as well as environmentally – modern floor embellishment, enable holding diyas within the Rangoli, and no use of synthetic colours! Priyanka recommends using a lotus-shaped mural to match this with the theme of the occasion.

Traditional Carpets: 

traditional carpet 1

These suit the best to occasion and provides your guests with for the aarti in a traditionally and intricately designed carpet before the Ganesh idol.

“Here’s the fun bit: you can either complement the subtle colour palette and texture you’ve chosen for your Ganpati or contrast the same with a vibrant combination! This magical carpet for the guests can be reused next year or if it blends well with your décor, let it give your living room a slight face-lift!” says Priyanka Padode.

Artificial Flowers:

artificial flower decoration

We can also add Artificial flower decorationsArtificial flowers can look just as real, with an added advantage of sustaining the refreshing look throughout the ten-day festival, and if you’re responsible enough, for the forthcoming occasions of this year!

Fairy Lights:

fairy lights

Nothing can express beauty in subtlety more than a dainty string of fairy lights. Twist and mould them into any shape and pattern of your creative desire, and watch the lights illuminate your home.

Needless to say, these may be reused for your imminent Diwali decorations! Use these soft, yellow lights against the high-voltage LED bulbs and give your living room décor an elegant and environment friendly touch!


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