*Spoiler Alert* Thor, Doctor Strange to Come Together in New Movie

If you are a Marvel Universe fan, you probably already wait for the mid-and-post-credit scenes. This is the one thing that fans look forward to every time. The scenes reveal something huge about the upcoming sequel or present the audience with spoilers. This leaves Marvel fans with something to think about until the next movie is released. So let us warn you that this article contains spoilers.


Here’s what happened in the mid-and-post-credit scenes of Marvel’s latest offering, Doctor Strange.

Thor to Join Doctor Strange

It has been a while since we saw Marvel’s mighty god of Thunder, Thor. People love Thor and they would be glad to know that he might return to the silver screen soon.

The scene opens with the voice of Thor, who was last seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Then he is seen talking to Doctor Strange about his return. He is here to find his father, Odin. No one knows what befell Odin in Thor: The Dark World. Thor believes that he can find his father on Earth.

Doctor Strange replies, “Allow me to help you.” This makes it clear that Strange will soon be seen in Thor: Ragnarok which is releasing on November 3, 2017.

A New Villain Is Introduced 

A new character Jonathan Pangborn (Benjamin Bratt) is introduced in the post-credit scene. Pangborn, who was paralysed in a car accident, uses magic to walk. He is seen in a workshop meeting with Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor).

At the end of the movie Doctor Strange, Mordo is left disappointed by the whole world of magic and wizards. He tells Pangborn that he will steal magic that belongs to him and people like him. Later, Mordo takes Pangborn’s power, leaving him paralysed like before.

Mordo says that there are “too many sorcerers in this world”. He indicates that his aim is to eliminate all of them. Marvel fans agree that the post-credit scene links the screenplay to the comic book.


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