Review: The Yellow Chilli (DFT Menu)

In the fast pace life, we all crave for nice and healthy food. But how many of the restaurants and eateries actually serve us food that is high in protein content or diabetic friendly?

Keeping this thought in mind famous eateries in India are now all set to serve you diabetic friendly food. A couple has planned out ‘Diabetic Food Trail’ (DFT) where consumers will be served diabetic-friendly foods at popular restaurants in India.

This is the second season of the DFT, and 200 restaurants across India have participated in this event. 61 restaurants in Mumbai will introduce patrons to a new healthy and diabetic friendly eating pattern.

Isn’t that the bestest thing you have heard in a while? We live in a country that has millions of people who are diabetic and often comprise on their eating choices. 200 restaurants in India have been serving food keeping in mind calorie content that goes is healthy for diabetic people.

Joining the food trail is Sanjeev Kapoor’s famous restaurant The Yellow Chilli. This week “Stilettos&Martini” went to Kapoor’s Powai outlet in Mumbai to try their Diabetic Food Trail menu and trust us, it’s worth trying.


I started my meal with Murgh Aur Tur Dal Shorba (Rs 215). Who would have thought that a shorba made up of moong dal and chicken chunks could taste this delicious? Vegetarians can try Lehsooni Palak Shorba (Rs 200).


It’s time for munching and the DFT menu has 2 varieties of starters both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Veg: Tofu Asli Tikki (Rs 425) and Achari Broccoli (415). Non-vegetarians: Goa Chilli Chicken (Rs 465) and Oats Wali Macchi (Rs 525). My vote goes to the fish and achari broccoli, it’s finger licking good.


I never thought that Karele could ever taste this good. I am not a Karele fan but honestly, Andhra Style Karele (Rs 365) is the best style bitter gourd you would ever taste. The dish just has 106 Kcals and taste great when eating with hot tava rotis or Bajre ki Roti. There are other dishes like Meen Pollichathu (Rs 565), Kochi Vartha Kari (Rs 455), Low Fat Paneer Tofu Bhruji (Rs 435) and Khumb Hara Dhania (Rs 395). Most of the main course has kilocalorie range from Kcals 100- Kcals 210. This makes for a perfect healthy meal that will satisfy your hunger pangs.


A meal is never complete without a dessert and The Yellow Chillies has made sure that their DFT menu has things for every sweet tooth. Saeb our Suji Halwa (Rs 195), Sheer Kurma (Rs 195) and Gajar Halwa (Rs 195). The calorie content ranges from (Kcal 150-210). Enjoy a healthy meal without worrying about your sugar level.


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