5 dishes you must try at Jyran, Sofitel, BKC, Mumbai

Mumbai: It’s time to indulge in something delicious and yummy. From rich chicken roast to lovely desserts experience exclusively wonderful and delicious cuisine at Jyran, Sofitel, BKC.

The Mohammed Ali Road in Mumbai is famous for its finger licking food like Tawa Kheema, Roti Pe Bhuni Boti, Tandoori Murgh, Subz Tawa Biryani, Noornai Kulfi Faluda, etc during this holy month.

We spoke to Jyran’s Chef de Cuisine, Chef Shabad Ahmed, who recommends some new and popular dishes to give you a spectacular gourmet experience of Mumbai’s famous Mohammed Ali Road, the street that never sleeps!

Indulge in scrumptious cuisines designed to please your palate listed below and have a delightful treat.

  • Roti Pe Bhuni Boti:
(Photo: Representative image)
(Photo: Representative image)

This finger food is filled with bold flavour that will make you ask for more and more. The red meat is cooked on grill with fine red chillies and is served on a small slice of Indian bread. It’s spicy, juicy and a must have.

“Our chef came up with this unique concept and now it’s one of the most selling appetizer we have. People love it because this small pack is filled with mild spices and red chilly gives it the required kick,” says Vinod Singh, Sous Chef, Jyran, Sofitel, BKC, Mumbai at the Mohammed Ali Road food Festival.

  • Tandoori Chicken:
(Photo: Jyran, Sofitel, BKC, Mumbai)
(Photo: Jyran, Sofitel, BKC, Mumbai)

This dish needs no introduction. Famous between everyone, this is a regular must order tandoor appetizer.

Marinated in yoghurt and ground Indian spices, this meat has it’s own way of pleasing your palate.

  • Khichda:
(Photo: Jyran, Sofitel, BKC, Mumbai)
(Photo: Jyran, Sofitel, BKC, Mumbai)

Khichda is quite popular dishes worldwide. Some are already in love with it, while some are curious to try this dish.

This exquisite dish is a meal in one as it is a tantalizing thick stew made with meat, wheat and a whole array of lentils. Give it a try this Ramazan and tell us how was your experience trying it.

  • Tawa Ghost Biryani:
(Photo: Jyran, Sofitel, BKC, Mumbai)
(Photo: Jyran, Sofitel, BKC, Mumbai)

Unlike other biryanis, there is something unique about this one.

“The name tries to give a traditional touch and when we talk about taste, you can taste the aroma and flavours of the spices in each and every bite,” says Chef Shadab Ahmed Qureshi.

  • Sheer Khurma:
(Photo: Jyran, Sofitel, BKC, Mumbai)
(Photo: Jyran, Sofitel, BKC, Mumbai)

A meal is never complete without a sweet savory and Sheer Khurma tops the list when deciding which dessert you should cook today.

“I don’t really think this dessert needs any introduction. Since ages it’s been everyone’s favourite and what else should I say?” (laughs) Chef Shadab Ahmed Qureshi.


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