Priyadarshini Patwa, 23

Currently residing in India, I have always had a keen eye for all things fabulous that happens around me. I believe that I speak fluent life & style language.

“Stilettos&Martini” is one stop shop for all those who believe that life needs some style to live it to the fullest.

I initially used to work with Deccan Chronicle and handle their Lifestyle section. Being a lifestyle journalist was something I have always looked forward to. Currently I write about everything from food, fashion, travel, trends, health to sex and relationship. You will find everything from high-end to street on “S&M”.

“S&M” is interesting not just because lifestyle gets a high amount of mind-share globally, but also because I am one of the consumer of most of these products and services available in the market.

When not covering events, I can be found traveling and hanging out at new places in a hunt to explore the world.

I’m nocturnal by nature, and like to believe that I have the owl-like wisdom as a consequence of being up all night.

Watching series is my obsession and I can devour books by the dozen when it’s accompanied with unlimited cup’s of espresso.

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